Meet Keepler.

We’re a team of dreamers, artists, philosophers, makers, and lovers! We’ve approached building this app the way we approach all of the human connections in our lives: with open minds, curious hearts, and a focus on authenticity. We can’t wait to share Keepler with you!


My favorite on-screen or literary depiction of love is…

Robert Browning praised fellow poet and future wife Elizabeth Barrett’s verse as “fresh strange music, the affluent language, the exquisite pathos and true new brave thought”! Swoon.

Creative Director

In another life, I’d be…

An astronaut! I’d love to be exploring the universe, but in this life I do that by connecting and creating.

Product Marketing Director

I feel most myself when…

I’m listening to music while hiking in the woods with my dog.


In another life, I’d be…

An artist living in the Italian countryside, growing all my own food in my garden.


I’m inspired by…

Small beautiful things. Sunshine, birds chirping, fresh fruit, a good smell, colors, crisp air. There’s inspiration everywhere!

Lead Software ENGINEER

I feel most myself when…

I’m at a bar, on a beach, the sun is going down, it’s still warm, and friends are arriving for dinner.

Full Stack Developer

I love working at Keepler because…

I have a friendly team where everyone cares about each other as a person and about our professional growth. I love what we’re working on and everyone’s passion for Keepler.

Art Director

The three things I would bring on a deserted island are…

a tiny house, the internet, and bug repellant.

Love, Keepler Editor-in-cheif

Best advice I’ve ever received is…

To feel the fear and do it anyway. Great things can happen when you “do it scared!”

Social Media Manager

Best advice I’ve ever received is…

“Great people do things before they’re ready,” from Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please.

Brand Designer

In another life I’d be…

In another life I’d be a badass cake decorator with my own reality tv show (think Ace of Cakes).

Dating Coach/Consultant

My love language is…

My love language is Quality Time. I appreciate when I get to have a loved ones undivided attention and I can feel seen/heard/understood on a deeper level. That’s when I feel the most loved.

Behavioral Science consultation

I love working at Keepler because…

I feel deeply inspired by our vision. I want to empower others to compassionately learn to love themselves while searching for love.

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