how to be enough for someone

How to be enough for someone

The concept of “enough” means something different to everyone—and often we feel like we can’t measure up. Here’s our take on how to be enough for someone.

friends to lovers

Making the leap from friends to lovers

Have your feelings have shifted from platonic to romantic? Here’s how to broach the topic and have “the talk” about going from friends to lovers.

serial monogamy

Confessions of an ex-serial monogamist

My life was pretty much a whirlwind of one long-term relationship after another…until now. Here’s why I’m rethinking my relationship with serial monogamy.

Anxious attachment

Do you have an anxious attachment style?

About 20 percent of people have an anxious attachment style in relationships. Are you one of them? Find out the signs and how to handle them.

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