How to stop oversharing on dates

If your dating conversations cross the line into oversharing more often than not, get helpful advice from psychologist Kruti Patel.

how to get to know someone

How to get to know someone on a deeper level

Connection is a basic human need, and in the wake of the pandemic, people are craving deeper, more authentic interactions more than ever—even with relative strangers. 

how to be vulnerable

How to be vulnerable in bed

Letting your guard down can be the key to great sex. Learn how to be vulnerable and forge a deeper connection with your partner.

how to be enough for someone

How to be enough for someone

The concept of “enough” means something different to everyone—and often we feel like we can’t measure up. Here’s our take on how to be enough for someone.

serial monogamy

Confessions of an ex-serial monogamist

My life was pretty much a whirlwind of one long-term relationship after another…until now. Here’s why I’m rethinking my relationship with serial monogamy.

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