Virgo compatibility

The mindful dater’s guide to Virgo compatibility

There’s a reason that kids head back to school during Virgo season: it’s time to get to work! Similar to the way a perfectly-arranged pencil case used to make your heart sing in grade school, Virgos appreciate a well-thought-out routine—especially when it comes to relationships. So what do mindful daters need to know about Virgo compatibility?

The Essence of Virgo

People born between August 23rd and September 22nd have their sun signs in this constellation ruled by Mercury and symbolized by the maiden. The planet of communication, media, and self-expression, Mercury has a serious influence on this sign, giving Virgos a meticulous and calculated manner.

People with Virgo Sun signs love when detailed information is distilled down to the important points. Unfortunately, this detail-oriented personality can fall into perfectionism and criticism. When it comes to mindfulness, Virgos often feel most comfortable in a controlled, organized setting that makes them feel safe and relaxed. 

To help soften that workaholic style, try engaging in activities that don’t require perfection. Splatter painting, a yoga class that doesn’t harp on doing everything right, or a long walk sans cell phone can help quiet those critical voices. By readjusting their focus onto the experience of something—rather than the outcome—Virgos can more easily slow down and enjoy the present moment

Any sensory activity can also become a powerful mindfulness practice for this sign. Baking bread, playing with kinetic sand, curating an essential oil blend, or reading a thrilling book can calm Virgos down pretty quickly. 

A quintessential Earth sign, Virgos also do well outside. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sun on their skin can help them wind down and reconnect with the planet. By feeling supported by the Earth beneath them, it helps create a sense of groundedness in which rushing around isn’t necessary. The more this Sun sign can slow down and enjoy the beauty around them, the better and more loving they will be. All of that perfectionism has to find an anchor somewhere, and time spent out doors can help Virgos find a healthy outlet while taking time to appreciate all of their accomplishments.  

Understanding the Virgo Sign

As far as romantic relationships go, Virgos usually take a similar approach in this area of their lives—methodical and practical. That doesn’t mean they can’t be passionate or open-hearted; they just need a safe place to land first. Since this sign tends to be very organized with a go-getter personality, it may be difficult for Virgos to slow down and deviate from their plans at first. However, when you understand what makes them feel appreciated, this process can be much easier for them. 

Virgos’ main “Love Language” is Acts of Service. Since people with this sign likely have a packed schedule, taking something off of their plate for them can score you major points. Once you truly connect with a Virgo, expect them to take their commitment seriously. You may have to help them balance work with play, but their dependable nature can go a long way when it comes to romance. 

Virgos can be sharp-tongued and critical, especially if they haven’t learned how to go easier on themselves yet. Help them soften by loving them anyway, praising them when things don’t go their way and showing them the beauty in imperfection. Furthermore, to maximize your Virgo compatibility, you may have to work on communication together as Virgos sometimes struggle with asking for help. The more you show them how to get out of their heads and back into the moment, the more enjoyable your time with them will be. 

Before dating a Virgo, recognize that small details may be a big deal to them, so try not to trivialize whatever they’re experiencing. Be clear in your communication, but help them remember that their flaws aren’t necessarily deal-breakers but rather something that makes them special. Just like anyone who gets caught up on the little things, they may be prone to taking things too seriously; dates that get them laughing will help loosen them up.  

Virgo Compatibility in Relationships

As for which signs have the best Virgo compatibility, Pisces sits directly across on the zodiac wheel. An intuitive water sign with expansive vision, Pisces offers a creative, spiritual approach that counteracts the maiden’s Earthy, practical vibe. Even though they’re direct opposites, if these two signs can approach one another with an open mind, it can result in out-of-the-box, effective solutions. 

Similarly, Cancers offer great partners for Virgos with their sensitive, empathetic nature that offers a shoulder to cry on when life starts to feel overwhelming. Since Virgos are prone to feelings of overwhelm, this can come in handy. 

Fellow Earth signs such as Taurus provide similar stability. Finding someone who understands meticulous consideration and beauty through order can help Virgos feel less alone in their view of the world. The other Earth sign, Capricorn, also makes a good match—just be sure to keep switching things up, as signs of this element tend to get stuck in their routines. 

On the other hand, fiery signs like Leo and Sagittarius may clash with Virgo’s headstrong, sometimes nit-picky nature. Where fast-moving signs are impulsive and adventurous, Virgos want to go slow and lay out a plan first. Over time, that schism can lead to serious fractures in the relationship if both partners don’t know how to work within these opposites. Indeed, fire signs can appear reckless to methodical Virgos. 

Finding Happiness with Virgo

Astrological signs are blueprints for making the most out of your life and relationships. If you’re dating a Virgo—even if you have a lot of fire in your chart—there are tons of ways to have fun together while loosening things up. Since this sign thrives outdoors, planning a hiking adventure complete with your partner’s favorite foods for a snack can offer a soothing, mindful way to get to know them. Make it a camping trip if you’re ready to plan even more details! Conversely, a simple leisurely walk outside can be a calming antidote to Virgo’s busy schedule. 

You can also head to a pottery studio to make something easy and fun; more complicated ceramics can trigger Virgos’ perfectionist tendencies. This activity helps Virgos reconnect with their senses while you encourage them to simply play around rather than recreate Michelangelo’s David. Mindful creativity can help your date relax and feel present in no time. Lastly, try taking your sweetheart to a library and spending some time perusing the books—in their orderly glory—to find one that helps them escape to a peaceful place.

Dependable, headstrong, and grounded, Virgos thrive in a relationship that helps them let go of perfectionism and have fun in the moment.